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Kole Calhoun put on a defensive masterclass with two jaw-dropping catches

The Yankees thought they could hit the ball to right field. They thought wrong. Because, standing in that sea of green grass was death for fly balls: Kole Calhoun. And on Friday night, in Los Angeles' 4-3 loss to the Yankees, the Angels right fielder showed that there was nothing he couldn't reach. 
It started in the top of the third, when rookie Gleyber Torres lashed a liner to right field. Surely this was a base hit, with extra bases a possibility. But cue the "Jaws" theme music, because Calhoun was there. He closed the gap by soaring through the air: 

He was back at it in the top of the sixth, this time going vertically instead of horizontally. With runners on second and third, Neil Walker drove the ball back to the wall. Again, Calhoun was there to steal a home run with a leaping grab. Though Didi Gregorius scored by tagging up on the play, Calhoun was able to double Giancarlo Stanton off second base to end the inning. Here's both just smashed up together for your viewing pleasure:

Calhoun didn't even know he had caught Walker's fly ball after the jump. 
"If you watch the replay, I really didn't even know that I had it," Calhoun said. "I kind of snowconed it, so it was in my glove when I came down. I just fired it in to Simmons. I had no clue." 
Despite the multiple highlight reel grabs, Calhoun remained modest.
"I just had an opportunity to make some plays and made the plays," the outfielder said. "Right spot, right time. Nothing too crazy. Just had the opportunity and got it done."
Mike Scioscia was happy to heap the praise on him, though. "Kole's never going to let anything get in the way of what he does in right field. He's a Gold Glove right fielder. You saw a lot of that tonight. He kept us in the game, for sure."