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Kolten Wong has missed his target twice in a row on water cooler celebrations

The Cardinals have displayed a flair for the dramatic during their last two home games. On Thursday against the Mets, they came from behind to tie the game in the 10th on an RBI double from José Martínez before Dexter Fowler walked it off three innings later: 

The Cardinals were jubilant, so second baseman Kolten Wong decided to celebrate with the traditional dumping of the water cooler on Fowler, the star of the game. There was only one problem -- he missed:

Not to worry, though -- Wong got another chance on Tuesday, when the Cardinals returned to Busch Stadium in style. Once again, they trailed while down to their last three outs, and once again, they ended up on top thanks to a walk-off hit.
This time, Yadier Molina was the hero, so Wong ran out to pour the water cooler onto him. Somehow, it went even worse than the attempt on Fowler:

Not only was the mob barely splashed, but Wong slipped and fell, too.
At least these errors don't count in the box score. (And they're wins anyway!) Maybe Wong should stick to fist-pumping.