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Kris Bryant's first homer of 2017 marked the fourth time he's hit the Cubs' scoreboard

Reigning NL MVP Kris Bryant has a flair for the dramatic -- he recorded the final out of the Cubs' Game 7 victory last November, after all. But did you know he's also hit some really big home runs at Wrigley Field, the type that are blasted so high and far that they crash into the scoreboard in left-center field?
He's done that four times now since breaking into the league in 2015, with his latest coming in Saturday's game with the Pirates, a 451-foot blast that was a sight to see.

Just about the most authoritative way to club your first homer of the season, really: 

And with some serious distance, currently the fourth-longest homer hit this season per Statcast™:

But wait -- upon further review, it certainly looks as if that baseball came somewhat close to the area around the "0" in Bryant's home run column, almost as if he took aim for it (click here for the full-size image):

That's power, the kind that puts Bryant in an exclusive club at Wrigley:

Here are his other scoreboard-rattling dingers, starting in May 2015:

His September '15 version reached lofty heights on Statcast™'s lists for the season:

It happened once in '16, too:

Night or day, the man plays pepper with the scoreboard. He can do some things out there.