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Kyle Gibson was so excited to field a bunt that he forgot to stay on his feet

Ever since their magical run in the 2014 postseason, the Royals and their merry band of speedsters have turned bunting into an art form. This year, Alcides Escobar leads all non-pitchers with 10 sacrifice bunts, and teammate Jarrod Dyson is right behind him with eight -- and that's not even counting all the times the team tries to bunt for a base hit.
So, heading into his start against Kansas City on Thursday, Twins starter Kyle Gibson knew that he had to be prepared. At any moment, he might be expected to spring off the mound and make a play. And, sure enough, in the bottom of the sixth, Escobar squared up and laid one down the third-base line.
Gibson wasn't fooled. He began sprinting toward the ball ... and then, well, he forgot how limbs work:

Look on the bright side: Gibson pitched into the seventh inning and struck eight while the Twins picked up a 7-6 win