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Why rush? Kyle Hendricks took a leisurely stroll to touch home plate after running right past it

Baserunners have to make split-second decisions when they're out there running around. Does the situation call for a slide? If so, feet-first or hands-first? Is a swipe-tag necessary? 
All of these and more are thoughts that (usually) flow through a runner's head. After all, they represent an all-important tally in the run column, the difference between wins and losses and, thus, success or failure.
Cubs pitcher Kyle Hendricks had an interesting experience on the bases in the third inning of Friday's rain-delayed Cubs-Rockies game at Coors Field. When Anthony Rizzo cracked a two-out single to center, Hendricks raced homeward, opted not to slide, and wound up running right past the plate without touching it. "No matter," he must have thought to himself, "I got this."

Yes, you saw that correctly: Hendricks took a calm, relaxed stroll back toward the plate to make his run count. Somehow, he wasn't flushed with panic at the realization that he had missed the plate in the first place, instead keeping his cool and refraining from drawing attention to himself as he made up for his gaffe. 
Hendricks explained his thinking to's Ben Weinrib after the game: 
"I was pretty sure I didn't touch the plate. But I turned around and saw that Hundley and the pitcher were walking back to the mound, so I didn't think I needed to be too hasty about it."
As we've seen, making the decision to not slide can have ... unfortunate results for runners, but Hendricks had luck on his side Friday night.