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Lance McCullers has a future in journalism with this hard-hitting beard question for Dallas Keuchel

(Clair, Michael)

Albert Belle dreamed of being a doctor. Thad Bosley recorded a gospel album. Apparently Lance McCullers Jr. is trying to get into the journalism game when his career is over. 
After Dallas Keuchel shut out the Rangers, 5-0, surrendering only three hits on Friday night, he was obviously the focal point of the post-game questions. Despite the years of experience and dozens of journalism degrees around, no one was asking the most important question. So Keuchel's Astros teammate stepped up.
"Dallas, your beard looks really great tonight," McCullers said. "What do you attribute that to?" 
"The younger guys have nicely shaped beards," Keuchel answered. "I gotta keep my game up." 

While we always thought that competition between players for roster spaces was competitive, turns out that beard shaping is just as cutthroat (get it? Because you might cut your throat while shaving? Ah, forget it).