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Learn all about Brock Holt's wonderful pregame sunflower seed ritual

There are a lot of fun things to know about Red Sox super-utilityman Brock Holt. For example: He moonlights as a troubadour. For another: He's really, really into Whitney Houston.
But we're not here to talk about Holt's musical stylings. We're here to talk about something much, much more interesting: his pregame ritual. Prior to every first pitch, Holt methodically lines up several sunflower seeds atop the dugout railing ... and then he flicks them off, one by one.

With the Red Sox set to take on the Yankees in ALDS Game 3 on Monday night, Holt opened up in the clip above about where exactly that routine came from -- and how it gets him ready to play. (Hint: There's some superstition involved.)