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LeBron James recorded a special message for the Indians after their record-setting 21st straight win

<> at Progressive Field on October 7, 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Jason Miller)

LeBron James knows a little something about winning. He's collected four NBA Most Valuable Player awards and has helped his teams win three NBA championships. After the Indians set a new American League record by defeating the Tigers, 5-3, for their 21st consecutive win, James sent the team a little message of support.
Of course, along the way, he mentioned that he's been part of a 27-game winning streak, so the Indians can have that -- along with the Major League-record of 26 straight wins -- to aim for: 

In fact, that's not enough for King James, who wants the Indians to aim for 40 wins. "I was about to say it's incredible," James said, "But I want to come back and do another video when you all got like a 40-game winning streak. No pressure. No pressure, I get it. I've had my own 27-game winning streak in the NBA before. It's a lot of pressure winning every night."
Before the video ends, James also calls for Francisco Lindor to send him a jersey. So, if and when the Indians manage to almost double their streak, we'll know what jersey he'll be wearing.