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LeBron James shouted-out a Little League World Series kid for saying LeBron is his favorite sport

The Little League World Series does a great job giving some of the best youth ballplayers a chance to shine on the national stage, in front of audiences that haven't seen them play before. The broadcasts of LLWS games also provide viewers a chance to glean a bit of information about each player, be it his favorite MLB team, favorite athlete, and so on.
It also allows some kids to showcase their personality, like Big Al -- who hits DINGERS: 

New Albany Little League slugger Zack Barienbrock, meanwhile, hails from Ohio. For his team's game, he listed his favorite sport as LeBron James. Yes, favorite "sport" -- not "athlete," mind you. That's respect. The newest Lakers superstar (that's still weird to say, isn't it?) noticed Zack B.'s compliment, and gave him a social media shout-out of his own:

Game recognize game.