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This incredibly elaborate LEGO stadium has escalators, extended netting and bullpen carts

A few years ago, Steven Schapansky created Clutchers Field -- a fascinatingly-detailed stadium made completely out of LEGOs. It had players, fans holding ice cream, a press box and even a Star Wars Night.
But on Thursday, Schapansky announced that Clutchers had undergone vast renovations and, as you can see in this thread, he has completely outdone himself. Seriously, read through the entire thing. Here are a few of the highlights.
A new left-field grandstand with a train stop underneath:

And once you step off the train into the stadium, you'll be greeted by some great local music:

Escalators take fans up to the new seating area, where the view is one of the best in the game.

There's also the all-important extended netting:

And, in case the Nats are in town, a bullpen cart.

Can Rick Moranis and MLB somehow work together to turn this into a real-life ballpark? We can only hope and pray.