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Leonys Martin nearly climbed out of Globe Life Park in order to rob a homer

Generally speaking, we're all brought up with a keen understanding that stealing things is wrong. If it doesn't belong to you, leave it be, and so on.
Theft is a crime, at least in the so-called "real world" outside the baseball field -- but baseball, like all sports, falls outside those parameters and exists in its own universe.
It's within that universe that we can all gasp in awe at Leonys Martin's high-flying home run denial in Monday night's Mariners-Rangers game, one that came as no treat to Ian Desmond:

Notice Martin's smile upon realizing that he had, indeed, come down with the baseball. 
A special shout-out is necessary to the Mariners' radio booth, after a call that emphatic. After all, Martin did just effortlessly glide to the wall, bring back a would-be long ball and crack a smile, as if he were as impressed by the play as everybody else (especially right fielder Shawn O'Malley).
Though the M's lost the game to the Rangers, 6-3, Martin earns a slot in our "most ridiculous catches of the season" list with this Jarrod Dyson-esque display