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Baseball players are definitely athletes, and we're gonna prove it to you

at Angel Stadium of Anaheim on June 2, 2015 in Anaheim, California. (Harry How)

Baseball players have been responsible for some of sports' most fantastic athletic displays. So, when we see comments claiming these guys "aren't athletes," we can't help but tell the world just how untrue that statement is.
And if you're wondering -- yes, I am mad.
What I decided to do was round up some moments that not only showcase these players' abilities, but also can remind the world that baseball players are strong and talented athletes.
You know Chris Devenski as a solid pitcher, but watch this play against the Indians back in May when he came off the mound:

As you can see, not only did he recover after a ball bounced off his leg, but he made a sensational play to get the runner out.
That's an athlete.
Billy Hamilton's speed alone proves he's an athlete. But if that wasn't enough, here's a clip of him recently making a sensational catch to rob Matt Carpenter:

Pitcher Amir Garrett's reaction said it all. 
We also wrote a post recently about the great defensive plays he's made this season. So far, we counted six plays that stood out. It's just something he does:

Remember watching Giancarlo Stanton work out in the offseason? You probably do, because there is #NoOffseason. And if you can't quite remember what he brings to the table, he currently hosts some of the most hard-hit balls of the season with four of the top-10 balls with the highest exit velocity, according to Statcast
One of his most recent displays was when he destroyed a ball that was a Statcast-estimated 120.3 mph -- and this was just a single:

Seems athletic to me.
This may be one of the coolest rundowns you will ever see, with Josh Harrison advancing to third. But it wasn't just any rundown. Oh no, just watch the way he avoids the tag multiple times, cuts on the line and still manages to be safe:

Are you kidding me?!
We're still unsure how this guy does it. And, until we figure it out, we get to watch him make sensational catches in the process. Angels outfielder Kole Calhoun adds to an already sensational Halos outfield:

Oh -- and these occurred in the same night.
And he just continues to do it. Again:

And again:

And to top it off -- the guy has a cannon on him:

Jonathan Lucroy

Enough said.
Also, don't try that at home, kids -- or ever.
You read that correctly. Bartolo Colon is not only still throwing pitches at the age of 45, but he appears to be enjoying himself while doing it. But let's talk about this moment where he outran Dee Gordon . Yep -- Dee Gordon:

Yes, we know -- the feet-to-base distance was very different for the both of them, but you cannot deny Big Sexy's hustle.
Oh, and this:

The guy's still got it.

Thanks to "Turn Ahead the Clock Night," the Mariners introduced us to a glimpse into the future. And in the year 2027, Nelson Cruz's arms didn't skip the gym.
Perhaps you've heard of the legend that played in both Major League Baseball and the National Football League. If not, meet Bo Jackson: Drafted by the Royals in the 1986 MLB Draft (and first overall pick in the 1986 NFL Draft -- no big deal), Jackson played in eight seasons for the Royals, White Sox and Angels. But perhaps his most notable moment was this:

Or, maybe this:

Every other day, we are gifted with another amazing play by Javier Baez. He's the king of double plays and bat-flipping while blowing a bubble -- that doesn't only take skill, but style as well. He just does amazing things.
Like this:

And this:

And that the bubble I told you about: 

These things definitely take skills.
Kyle Schwarber can hit massive home runs. He can also hit them so far, they break things -- like a huge Budweiser sign at Wrigley Field:

Sure, this was done at batting practice, but c'mon, that takes a lot of strength.
Schwarber also put on a fabulous display during the T-Mobile Home Run Derby that was so fantastic, it came down to the last second.
There's one rule when it comes to Josh Reddick: You don't run on him. And here's why:

And you're probably better off not hitting within a 20-foot radius of the guy either:

Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig can truly do it all, but this spectacular catch had to be added to the list:

You really think we can put together a list like this without Mike Trout on it?
The future Hall of Famer came out of the gate making sensational plays:

And he continues to impress us day after day in the outfield and at the plate. Sometimes, he even channels a scene from "Angels in the Outfield."

Ridiculous. But in the best way.
Yep -- the guy from the Brewers' bullpen cart video that spoofed "Dumb and Dumber" -- that guy. And while he can play a great Lloyd Christmas (and be complimented by Jim Carrey himself), he can make a great heads-up double play as well:

He was still on his backend while making the play and was so confident in his play, he ran to the dugout before it was over.
"That's just one of those moments that's only baseball -- only baseball can produce those types of things," he said.
Couldn't agree more, Suter.
See what I'm talking about? Baseball players are athletes. I would love to see you attempt any of those plays.