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Miguel Rojas teamed up with reporter Craig Minervini to pull an April Fool's prank on Lewis Brinson

The most effective April Fool's Day pranks are those that feel the most real. It's important that the person subjected to the prank not be able to immediately recognize it as such.

Marlins shortstop Miguel Rojas appears to be a master prankster. Following Friday night's 2-1 win over the Cubs in which Rojas hit a walk-off single in the 17th inning, center fielder Lewis Brinson soaked him and reporter Craig Minervini with Gatorade:


So, when Rojas showed up to the clubhouse Sunday with a (fake) bill to replace Minervini's clothes that Brinson stained, it was plausible enough to work.


Because the cleaners -- allegedly -- couldn't get the stains out of Minervini's pants and shirt, he had to buy new ones. The total cost: Over $250. That's enough to get anyone nervous. "I think he bought it," Rojas told's Joe Frisaro. "He was kind of sweating. You could see it on his forehead."

Fortunately for Brinson, it was all a prank and he won't have to work out paying for Minervini's clothes. Still, one would suspect he will be a bit more cautious with his Gatorade showers going forward.