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Jon Gray ain't afraid of no ghost: Rockies starter is a ghost hunter in his free time

When Jon Gray comes out to make his next start against the Mets on Friday, don't be surprised if his entrance song is Ray Parker Jr.'s classic hit, "Ghostbusters." Because when Gray isn't carving up batters, he's touching the ethereal plane. 
That's right, Gray is a ghost hunter. Appearing on MLB Network Radio on Sirius XM on Thursday, the right-hander talked about his desire to investigate the haunted Stanley Hotel, the hotel that inspired "The Shining," by himself and the way a person can tell if a ghost is present. 
Gray explained: 
"A lot of people think that when they detect a ghost, it's temperature. A lot of people think it's electromagnetic fields. There's these cameras that can see colors that human eyes can't pick up. They see anamolies, use EVPs [Electronic Voice Phenomenon] to catch disembodied voices. It's just kind of interesting."
If only there was Statcast™ for paranormal events. 
Of course, even the bravest, most seasoned of ghost hunters knows better than to cross the veil between the living and the dead in your own house. When asked how he can sleep at night with all that equipment running, Gray answered, "I don't want to know either and that's why I never do it here."