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Vin Scully has learned how to use hashtags, just in time to never use them

Vin Scully is 88 years old, and he's been calling Dodgers games for 67 of them. He has seen, in other words, a lot. There isn't much in the course of a day that's new to him. But Scully is never done learning.

"I'm learning hashtags!" he exclaimed during the Dodgers' 5-1 win over the Padres on Saturday night, before explaining how he had once mistakenly assumed that a message on Twitter was a "twit."

Honestly, though, that kind of makes more sense.
Still, as excited as he seems to be about his newfound skills, Scully is pretty realistic about their usefulness:
"So, slowly as I ride into the sunset, I'm starting to learn all the things that I will probably never use for the rest of my life."
Only Vin Scully could make something like hashtags sound so poetic. No wonder Jose De Leon wanted to make it to Los Angeles this season just so Scully would call his games.