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Little Leaguer Karl Schwarzer shared some tips with the Mets prior to the Little League Classic

Before the Phillies and Mets face off Sunday night in the Little League Classic in Williamsport, Pa., both teams spent the day taking in the Little League World Series and meeting the Little Leaguers involved. Every interaction provides an opportunity to learn and the Mets took full advantage when they met Karl Schwarzer of Team Northwest.
His tips were a perfect blend of technical advice and psychology. In a mock mound visit with Jacob deGrom, Karl instructed him not to tip his pitches before directing him to a positive mental state of believing that he can get the batter out.
Karl also came prepared with some hitting advice for Dominic Smith, whom he instructed not to let his shoulder fly open and resist the temptation to always try to hit dingers. 
This being the Little League World Series, the conversation inevitably turned to favorite foods and candy. We learned he and Zack Wheeler share a love for sour Skittles.

As Smith said after receiving Karl's tutelage, "Karl knows everything." If he's already offering valuable coaching to Major Leaguers, we'd imagine Karl has a bright future as a coach whenever his playing days are over.