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Aukai Kea's two-handed bat flip after his LLWS walk-off homer would make Bryce Harper proud

Friday night's Little League World Series matchup between Hawaii and Georgia went down to the wire, as both teams matched up in a scoreless tie into the 11th inning.
That happened in large part thanks to the pitching performance from Hawaii's Aukai Kea, who held Georgia at bay and made sweet defensive plays like this:

So when Kea's spot in the lineup came back around in the bottom of the 11th, he capped his strong night with a huge walk-off homer to give Hawaii a 2-0 victory ... and followed it up with a two-handed bat flip for the ages:

If that looks familiar, it should: Bryce Harper did the same thing at the T-Mobile Home Run Derby last month in Washington, D.C.:

And, for good measure, here they are together in one GIF: 

Great work, Kea -- on the hill, yes, but most definitely at the plate.
On Saturday, Jake and Jordan from the Cespedes Family BBQ caught up with Kea and asked him about his flip ... which he admitted was a direct homage to his favorite MLB star, Harper. (And while he admitted that, he did accurately refer to Mike Trout as a "superhero," because this kid knows his stuff).