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Little League World Series star 'Big Al' Delia has even more nicknames

One of the joys of the Little League World Series is the insight we get into the personalities and interests of the players. We learn about their favorite athletes, movies and websites each time they step to the plate, but the real fun starts when they talk about themselves.
This year, we got to meet Alfred Delia and instantly learned two facts about him. First, he's known as "Big Al" and, second, he hits dingers.

It turns out that Big Al is far from his only nickname. In the video above, he reveals that he has a broad spectrum of monikers including "Pots and Pans," "Alfredo Sauce" and "Cheetah." He also comes from a long lineage of Al's, including his grandfather "Big Al" and his father "Little Al."
Big Al's team from Middletown, N.J., lost in the regional round of the LLWS, but he'll be making a trip to Williamsport, Pa., all the same. On Sunday, he'll be making his broadcasting debut on the ESPN postgame show. Based on what we already know about Big Al, he'll probably knock it out of the park.