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The Angels may have inadvertently created a new home run celebration with this accidental home-plate tumble

Angels catcher Jonathan Lucroy has only hit seven home runs since 2017, heading into Monday night's game with the Yankees at Angel Stadium. Of course, then, he blasted a pitch from J.A. Happ over the center-field wall for his first dinger of 2019 ... but that's not the story here.

No, this is all about what happened after Lucroy went yard. DH Kevan Smith was on base prior to Lucroy's at-bat, so he trotted home ahead of Lucroy after the ball sailed over the fence. But then, when the two converged at home plate, a simple high-five effort led to something much more amusing:

I'm not here to say synchronized home-plate tumbling is a new celebration method I'd like to see, but ... OK I actually am saying that, because it'd be pretty funny to see this sort of thing happen more frequently, accidental or otherwise.