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Wonder how Luke Voit hits two HRs in one game? He can bench press 135 pounds ... with one arm

Yankees first baseman Luke Voit is obviously a strong dude. He hits a ton of dingers, of course, and added two more during Wednesday night's game against the Red Sox. But he also played football in high school and his brother, John, played football in college for Army. 
While we may know these to be characteristic traits of a strong man, there's something missing in our mental picture of Luke Voit's strength unless we see it applied in more traditional settings. Luckily, the Yankees broadcast Wednesday night treated us to a video of Voit, in the gym, bench pressing 135 pounds with one hand!

While 135 pounds may not sound like a lot of weight for a professional dinger smasher, you can see how much balance and strength it requires to bench with only one hand. And don't worry, Voit isn't just a lefty specialist. He can do the same thing with his right arm too.
Needless to say, you probably shouldn't try this at home ... unless you're Luke Voit in his own home.