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Manny Machado and J.J. Hardy found an inventive new way to get an out at first

After so many outs, the same ol' routine of fielding a grounder at third base or short and then firing across the diamond to first can feel kind of, well, routine. Monotonous. Maybe even tedious.
So, in the fourth inning against the White Sox, the Orioles spiced things up a bit.

Instead of fielding Todd Frazier's one-hopper himself, Manny Machado added a few steps: He bounced the ball off his glove to J.J. Hardy, who, while running past, reached behind him and plucked it from the air like it was totally NBD. Hardy then sent the ball to Chris Davis at first, and Frazier was out. End scene. 
Now, we're not knocking the expert precision of a routine grounder -- but there's nothing quite like an off-my-glove-into-yours to make you feel alive. It's just another step in Machado's path to total domination.
Hardy fouled a pitch off his foot in the bottom of the fourth and would exit after playing five innings, probably because one ricocheting ball is enough.