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Manny Machado and Jonathan Schoop celebrated their win by … play fighting each other?

The Orioles are atop the AL East after besting the Twins on Tuesday night, 5-3, for their third win in a row. Manny Machado, who's been one of the best all-around players in the league this season, was very much a part of that win, hitting back-to-back homers with Adam Jones in the fifth inning:

So, when Zach Britton got Kurt Suzuki to ground out for the final out of the game, Machado and second baseman Jonathan Schoop celebrated with a chummy post-game handshake -- which quickly turned into a goofy round of hand-to-hand combat: 

Guys, guys, it's OK! You're teammates! You're on the same side! You just won the game! There's no reason for fisticuffs. 
Unless you were just reenacting the intra-team battles of "Captain America: Civil War." In which case, carry on.