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A young fan celebrated his birthday by catching Manny Machado's HR on the fly -- and he was stoked about it

The postseason brings out the best in everyone. Every pitch, every swing, every moment matters so much more than it does in the regular season.

While this mostly applies to the players, it also applies to the fans. Every postseason game is nationally televised, so your success -- or failure -- to make a play in the stands (or eat a baseball, if that's your thing) is magnified.

The pressure didn't get to this young man at the Dodgers' 3-0 win over the Braves in Game 2 of the NLDS on Friday night, though. When Manny Machado crushed a two-run homer off Anibal Sanchez to give Los Angeles an early 2-0 lead, he was standing in the Left Field Pavilion ready to make his play:

Take another look:


Congrats, kid. That's special. Go ahead, you earned it.


Oh yeah, today is also the young man's birthday. Seriously. 

After the game, there was a special meet-and-greet:

Good luck having a better birthday than young Donovan here ...