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Chris Taylor had all kinds of trouble with a Manny Pina liner that hit the bat twice before floating past him

Physics and geometry can be challenging to fully grasp, but there's no denying how prevalent they are in the game of baseball. Launch angles, spin rates, and statistical analysis have a lot to do with the science of the game, which can sometimes get pretty weird.
One of those bona fide weird moments took place in the Dodgers' 6-4 win over the Brewers on Wednesday night in Los Angeles when, in the top of the seventh, Manny Piña singled to left-center field, just past the outstretched efforts of shortstop Chris Taylor.
While "a single to left-center" doesn't sound weird, it looked odd ... because Pina hit the ball twice with the same swing, leading it on an unusual trajectory that essentially knuckled its way up and over Taylor for a base hit:

"A line drive in the box score," as they say, but we all know this one was just an awkward circumstance for Taylor, who tried his best but couldn't quite reach this knuckler as it floated over him into the outfield grass.