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Marc Anthony played catch with the Tigers and shook hands with Ron Gardenhire

The thing about baseball games is you never know who you are going to spot in the crowd, or in this case -- on the field.
Before the Rays' 10-9 walk-off win over the Tigers on Monday night, two-time Grammy Award-winning and five-time Latin Grammy Award-winning artist Marc Anthony was seen shaking hands with Tigers manager Ron Gardenhire and playing catch:

Anthony was chatting with Carlos Gómez and others prior to the game, and he really looks like a natural with a glove, doesn't he?
The ballad enthusiast is not a stranger to the baseball world. He wrote a walk-up song specifically for Carlos Correa when the Astros' All-Star shortstop casually mentioned he was looking for a new jam. Oh, and he's hung out with the Tigers before during Spring Training looking rather suave.
Just a typical day for a man (and sports agent) who has won just about every music award there is.