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Marcell Ozuna climbed the wall pursuing a fly ball -- but the ball didn't make it that far

Marcell Ozuna has played left field in each of his 68 games this season for the Cardinals. He's definitely used to the position. 
But if there's one thing baseball reminds us of on a daily basis, it's that it isn't afraid to humble you at any time. The first inning of St. Louis' 11-3 loss to the Brewers on Thursday at Miller Park did just that to Ozuna when Jesús Aguilar clubbed a deep fly ball to left field.
Ozuna raced back, scaled the outfield wall and prepared to potentially make a home run-robbing play. The problem? Well, the baseball hit off the wall rather than over it, rolling far enough for Aguilar to wind up at second with a two-run double:

Good wall climb, though!
"I kind of hit it good, until I saw Ozuna jump," Aguilar told's Stephen Cohn after the game. "But I thought I got lucky on that play."
Explained Ozuna to's Joe Trezza:
"I thought the ball was going out, and I went up to rob it, and I looked up and it was below me. I saw the ball carrying, carrying, carrying, and then I got turned around … at the end it was a bad read."