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Marcus Stroman may know something we don't about Manny Machado's free agency

With Manny Machado completing a round of visits to his potential free agent destinations this week, speculation about where he will sign has reached a fever pitch. 
On Thursday morning, Blue Jays starter Marcus Stroman added some fuel to the fire by suggesting Machado was going to be a Yankee. Does Stroman know something we don't?

It didn't take long for Stroman to clarify that his initial tweet was pure speculation. However, while walking back his Machado "news," he casually dropped Bryce Harper onto the Yankees roster as well: 

Whether Stroman possesses inside information or not, he seems wise to be following the old maxim to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. On the other hand, there's probably no amount of gym work that can truly prepare a pitcher for those lineups.