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Watch as Marcus Stroman's slider zooms away from Carlos Correa's bat for the strikeout

Marcus Stroman is all movement on the hill. He twists and stretches, then unwinds and twists another way to check his hips, his arm, his core. He rolls his head, hops and skips and will sometimes put a little double-step in his windup. He's like an atom, constantly bouncing around. Even the right-hander's pitches can't stop moving.
During the Blue Jays' 7-2 victory over the Astros on Saturday, Stroman was dealing. And his best came against Carlos Correa in the sixth inning. Stroman fired and watched as his slider darted away from the plate -- and Correa's bat -- as if it were a vaudeville performer being tugged off the stage: 

Stroman's tics and fidgets were in fine form all day. He went seven innings and struck out six, while only allowing one run. He and the Jays' bullpen ended a 19-game streak where the Astros scored three runs or more.