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A Mariners fan was catching pop flies in the outfield with a watermelon

Don't you love a day at the ballpark where you get to participate in a game attempting to catch pop flies with an inanimate object? We love them too. And this time, a lucky fan was challenged to make a catch using a piece of fruit.
Yes -- it was a hollowed-out watermelon that was a fan's weapon of choice for the "Pop Fly with a Catch" pregame contest prior to the Mariners' 1-0 win over the Red Sox on Saturday. He did his best to make a catch -- and it appeared it's a lot more difficult than you think -- but he was successful:

And check out the reaction from the Red Sox dugout:

Mariner Moose seemed to really be enjoying himself as well, despite not offering much assistance -- he did offer some moral support which is just as important. Either way, it was a messy situation, but kind of makes you wish you were there participating in it yourself.