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A baseball game briefly turned into absurdist theatre as the Marlins infield got wild

Baseball is a game of rules that have been slowly and carefully perfected over the previous 150 years.

Calvinball is the every-second-a-new-weird-twist-is-added game where anything is possible that was created by the masterful Bill Watterson in the comic strip "Calvin and Hobbes."

Rarely do the two sports meet. Then, a Braves-Marlins game on Saturday happened.

With two outs in the third inning, Ronald Acuña Jr. hit a ground ball to third baseman Brian Anderson. And that's when the rules changed. Rather than fielding the ball and throwing to first, Calvinball rules came into play. So, Anderson bumped the ball to shortstop Miguel Rojas who started chasing Ozzie Albies before throwing the ball back to Anderson like this was some kind of game of hot potato.

Turns out: That was the brand new rule and the inning was over. And it was a beautiful thing that we'll likely never see again.

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