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Tom Koehler prepared for last night's 'Game of Thrones' with his best Jon Snow impression

The echoes of a collective Twitter-splosion are still rippling through the Internet, which can only mean one thing: "Game of Thrones" aired its season six finale last night. It was kind of a big deal -- alliances were forged, bonds were tested and [REDACTED SPOILER].

And, befitting a show that can inspire grown men to don giant dog heads, fans were excited for things to get underway. No fan was more excited, however, than Marlins pitcher Tom Koehler, who's been known to dress his children in adorable dragon costumes.


Happy 30th Birthday to @smashbomb07 the true mother of dragons. We love you very much.

A photo posted by Tom Koehler (@tkrefresh22) on


As you might expect, Koehler was so overcome with anticipation on Sunday night that he felt compelled to get into the mood ... by conducting some swordplay in a Jon Snow costume.


Huge season finale tonight. @bour41 @bighill525 @christianyelich #gameofthrones #iknownothing

A video posted by Tom Koehler (@tkrefresh22) on


Alas, his teammates were less enthused. Christian Yelich, after being tagged in the above Instagram post, could only respond with the following review: "This is tough to watch."