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Hitting a fan-made beer can pyramid with a baseball from the outfield is just outstanding

You know those carnival games where you're tasked with popping balloons with darts or hitting milk bottles off a ledge with a sack of beans or PVC pellets? They're usually impossible, due to weights and physics and other things meant to make you lose out on that little stuffed SpongeBob SquarePants doll.

Having pinpoint accuracy matters in those sorts of games, however. The same is true for outfielders in baseball games, as throwing the ball where you want it to be thrown is crucial.

During the Marlins' 6-4 loss to the Nats on Friday night, some fans got creative in the bleachers, building a massive beer can mountain of the type you'd see at a supermarket. And when they urged outfielder Austin Dean to toss up a baseball between innings, he obliged ... but he did so much more than that:

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I'm in awe. Anybody could smash all the cans with a ball in that context, sure. Or at least try to. But juuuuust barely clipping the one on the very top, leaving the rest intact?! Dean must win every carnival game he ever tries, I'm sure of it.

Everything about this is perfect, from the fans' creativity to Dean's involvement and, of course, his amazing throw.

Well done, everyone!