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Do not ask me to explain the magic behind this dancing Cubs fan's hat balancing act

Wrigley Field is a place of magic. Whether it's deafening Chicago with chants of "Go Cubs Go" after thrilling victories or causing chaos with its occasional wild winds, it always ranks among the must-see locations to catch a ballgame.

The entertainment is not solely restricted to the results on the field, either. A bleacher section built an improbably high beer can pyramid back in April, and on Monday, one fan pulled off a physics-bending balancing act of his own.

It's not so much that he was holding a hat by its brim using his forehead alone. That's tough, but if you raise your eyebrows enough, then you could probably pull it off at home for a couple seconds. It was that he was doing so while dancing:

Bonus points for the added style of the Yogi Bear patch stitched on his uniform, and for the perfect flourish at the end.

Is it showing off? Yes. Is it outstanding? You know it.

I have no idea how he could keep the hat brim on his forehead while moving around that much. I can barely do the Cha-Cha Slide at weddings without falling over myself at some point, but the method to the madness of this act is really not important. It's never fun to discover the secret behind a magician's trick anyway.

This guy clearly operates in a realm beyond any of us, and we shouldn't ask questions. We should only admire from afar.