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Marwin Gonzalez hit a grounder fair after already hitting it foul on the same swing

Nearly every day we wish we had a second chance at something that didn't work out the way we wanted it to. Sometimes, it's something big. Maybe you made the wrong choice between two job offers. Other times, it's something more trivial. Maybe you overcooked that nice steak you bought for dinner.
In the sixth inning of Monday's 5-1 win over the Yankees, Astros left fielder Marwin Gonzalez fouled a ball off his foot and got that second chance everyone dreams of ... or so it seemed. The ball bounced straight up, allowing him to then hit it fair on the back-swing: 

Gonzalez got some surprisingly good contact the second time around. Unfortunately, the rules are such that the ball was already dead by the time he made contact with it a second time. As with the steak that was already overcooked, Gonzalez didn't get a second chance because the ball was already foul.
Given the success of the back-swing contact, maybe Gonzalez will experiment with an all back-swing swing. Probably not, though.