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We're not sure, but it looks like Blooper just robbed Manny Machado of $300M

Manny Machado has had his fun with Blooper, the Braves mascot, throughout the Padres' four-game set in Atlanta. Machado duped him with a classic schoolyard prank on Monday, and on Tuesday, he almost jobbed Blooper out of a shoe shine tip before coming up with a last-second substitute.

Well on Wednesday, it was Blooper who was conning Machado out of some change. At first, it seemed like he just had an innocent request -- an autograph to join the others on his sign. Machado was a little suspicious, but ultimately he gave in.

What a nice guy, right?

Well, it all turned out to be an elaborate hoax.

The sign was actually a check made out to Blooper for $300 million -- the exact value of the contract that Machado inked with the Padres in the offseason.

Ouch. Hopefully, Machado can get in contact with his bank soon and dispute this fraud. Otherwise, Blooper's going to be the one living easy from now until eternity.