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Facing another four-man outfield shift, Matt Adams bunted his way on base

It's the baseball version of a double-dog dare. After the Astros cleared out the left-side of the infield and stocked the outfield with four fielders against Matt Adams earlier in the week -- only for the Nationals slugger to strike out -- Houston tried it again during Friday's 3-1 victory.
This time, the outcome was a little different. Adams squared up on Gerrit Cole's first pitch offering and just sneaked the ball past the hurler for an infield hit. But when you leave an entire half of the infield wide open, this is what's going to happen: 

While Adams isn't known for his speed and small ball skills, he's shown a penchant for dropping bunt hits when the situation allows.

I particularly like this one, as the Braves infielder waved his glove at the ball as if to say "Pah! It's not worth my time running after this."

If the four-man outfield takes off, Adams might find himself as a batting champion. Because if the defense is going to give away base hits, he's going to take them.