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Matt Dermody didn't realize the game was over and just walked off the field

There's been plenty of debate over what is -- and whether there even is -- the "closer's mentality." Turns out, it may have less to do with the grit and gumption necessary to get batters out in the ninth inning, and more to do with the awareness that they're even playing in the final frame. 
After closing out the ninth inning of the Blue Jays' 7-2 victory over the Twins on Saturday night, Dermody didn't stick around to shake hands. He put his head down and headed for the dugout. It was only when Marcus Stroman caught on and played traffic cop, directing Dermody back to catcher Russell Martin, that the end-of-game-ritual could commence.
Look at Stroman's giggle -- that's the same glee a young child has when they discover their parents forgot to put the cookies away: 

When Dermody made it back to the mound, he gave Martin a hearty glove slap ... and a sheepish grin. Because wins are precious and you can't forget to celebrate that.