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Former Bears running back Matt Forte throws out first pitch prior to Cubs-White Sox game

Matt Forte spent eight seasons playing running back for the Chicago Bears. After two Pro Bowl selections, many first-round picks onto your fantasy teams and a decade in the NFL, he retired earlier this year. He still makes appearances in the Chicago sports scene doing postgame shows for NBC Sports Chicago. And fans were reunited with Forte when he threw out the ceremonial first pitch on Friday.
Watch Forte's form as he tosses the pitch over the plate prior to the White Sox-Cubs game:

He's a natural, right?
Forte said he's been able to keep better tabs on the two teams since he's retired.
"Doing the postgame with Alex Brown, Laurence Holmes and Lance Briggs with NBC Sports Chicago has been cool and a nice experience," Forte told's Max Gelman. "I've never been able to follow baseball that much, but now since I'm with them, I make sure to check it out more."
"I was invited by [the White Sox], but at the same time, I'm retired now and able to do these things," he said.
Forte threw out the first pitch for the Sox back in '11 so he was more than happy to return.

"The last time I did it was maybe seven or eight years ago, so it was about time to do it again," he explained. "It's always a good time, but also the Sox are very supportive. If I ask them for anything charity-wise, they'll send it."
He also touched on his foundation which he was promoting on Friday.
"I'm partnering with United Way, who has a lot of roots around the city in Chicago and many different communities, many different neighborhoods. And my thing with my foundation, the What's Your Forte? Foundation, is where we just want to improve as many communities as we can, just one at a time. And invest in the time in the children and mentor them, provide additional educational opportunities for communities that may not have those opportunities, and just make the world a better place."