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Matt Harvey, Noah Syndergaard and Jacob deGrom have some truly gnarly mustaches

The Mets lost both Matt Harvey and Jacob deGrom to season-ending injuries in 2016, leaving Noah Syndergaard as the lone member of their three-headed starting-pitching beast still standing as the team was eliminated from the postseason by Madison Bumgarner and the Giants in the NL Wild Card Game. But it's 2017 now, and the Mets' rotation once again boasts three of baseball's most fearsome starting pitchers.
Also, three of the gnarliest mustaches this side of Tom Selleck:

Maybe they're part of a new intimidation strategy. Or maybe the new facial hair looks, shown off during the Mets' Spring Training matchup against the Nationals on Saturday, are just the pitchers' respective entries in a contest to see who can grow the best, ahem, Metstache
If that's the case, we simply can't decide.