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Max Muncy took a tumble into the stands and was helped back up by fans

Dodgers first baseman Max Muncy burst onto the scene in 2018 primarily on account of his ability to hit powerful, majestic dingers. And, while he has the versatility to play multiple positions on the field, no one is mistaking the slugger for an acrobat or defensive wizard like teammate Manny Machado, for instance.
In the fourth inning of the Dodgers' loss to the Cardinals on Wednesday, 3-1, Muncy pursued a ball into foul territory. As he approached the stands, he extended to try to reach the ball ... and went tumbling right over the wall.

Muncy did not make the catch. In fact, he didn't even come particularly close. At least he got an opportunity to become better acquainted with the Dodgers faithful, who -- along with an umpire -- helped the first baseman back onto the field.
Afterward, Muncy enjoyed a good laugh about what unfolded:

Even though he didn't get an out from his trip into the seats, at least Muncy was in good spirits about the whole ordeal.