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Max and Erica announced a new addition to the Scherzer family on Father's Day since timing is key

All throughout the league, players have been extending well wishes to their dads in celebration of Father's Day. Several big leaguers are experiencing their very first Father's Day as fathers, too, which is naturally pretty exciting.
But what about those who will be fathers soon? Well, today is for them too, and as such, Max Scherzer and his wife, Erica May-Scherzer, saw fit to make a pretty big announcement on the day: A baby girl will enter the world in November!

A lot of effort went into this reveal, considering they kept this big news hush-hush until their expertly-timed announcement on Father's Day. Just look at the image above, obviously shot in an empty Nationals Park (so nobody would be the wiser until they wanted everyone to know).
Perfect timing, perfect execution, perfect Father's Day.
Congratulations to the Scherzers!