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Max Scherzer warming up in an Expos uniform offered a peek into another dimension

Max Scherzer might be on the paternity list, but he's still planning on making his next start for the Nationals on Saturday. That outing will coincide with the Nationals celebrating the 50th anniversary of the origins of their franchise, which took place in quite a different place.

1969 was the first season of the Montreal Expos, who became "Nos Amours" to a generation of devoted baseball fans in Quebec. Although they departed to become the Nationals in 2005, the team still wants to keep its heritage intact, so Scherzer will be wearing a throwback Expos uniform when he pitches on Saturday.

Because Scherzer always likes to do his bullpen sessions in full uniform, that allowed for a preview of Saturday ... and a glimpse of an alternate dimension where the Expos still exist:

Scherzer looks fantastic, but this just creates more questions in my mind.

Am I in the right multiverse? Is Vladimir Guerrero Jr. still on the Blue Jays? Have the Expos won four times as many division titles this decade as they did throughout their initial 35-year existence?

Did Stephen Strasburg look like this during his start on Wednesday?

Did Bryce Harper never leave?

Or maybe Harper never would have arrived since we have no idea if the Expos would have earned the No. 1 overall pick in 2010 to draft him? Where is he instead then? Playing hockey for the Vegas Golden Knights?

I need to lie down. My head hurts. Vive les Expos, though.