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Max Stassi and Jake Marisnick climbed a fire truck ladder 90 feet (!) high and it terrified them

The Astros Caravan came to an end Friday, but not before a very exciting, and somewhat scary, experience with Jake Marisnick and Max Stassi. During a stop on the tour, the two guys climbed a fire truck ladder at Fire Station 6 … but they weren't sure it would entail as much as it did.'s Alyson Footer talked to the two who were a bit breathless after going up 90 feet and 10 stories (!) to climb this:

No thank you.
"We were going up nice and smooth," Marisnick told, "and then Stass takes over the controls … and things didn't go so smooth." Stassi began to laugh as Marisnick continued to tell the story. "My heart's still going, I'm a bit terrified."

Don't worry, the guys are safe and sound and had fun. As for their future plans after baseball, firefighting will not be on Stassi's list of career choices.
"I think I'll stick to baseball," he said.