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Andrew McCutchen used a killer bird impression to explain how hard Spring Training games are

Spring Training is a time for players to warm up, meet their new teammates and, after a winter of binging Netflix, get used to game action again. So, what's it like for batters on those first few days when they have to step into the box and face 95 mph fastballs again?

Not surprisingly, it's pretty tough. Andrew McCutchen -- noted filmmaker -- took to his Instagram story to share what it's really like for batters when they have to step in for their first game action of the year. Even better, he showed off his impressive ability to mimic the sound of birds:

"Those first few at-bats of live pitching when you see those fastballs coming in at 95-plus, it's for the birds. BIRDS," McCutchen said. Of course, you really have to watch the video because it's the Phillies outfielder's performance that sells this one.

Of course, Cutch knows what he's talking about. In two games this spring, McCutchen is 1-for-5 with three strikeouts. No wonder he said "it feels like no balls and two strikes right when you step in the box."