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The Northwoods League's terrifying new team will be known as the Fond du Lac Dock Spiders


This offseason has been full of new Minor League team names: The Rumble Ponies. The Fire Frogs. The Baby Cakes. But none are as blood-curdling, hair-raising or skin-crawling as the Northwoods League's newest team: The Fond du Lac Dock Spiders. 

Despite hailing from Wisconsin and even having "Fondue" in their name (sort of), the new team chose not to go with "Cheese Curds" for their name. Instead, they ignored everything we learned from William Shatner in "Kingdom of the Spiders" and went with "Dock Spiders" -- an arachnid known for claw-tipped legs and venom-filled hollow jaws.

That horrifying name had to beat out some pretty stiff competition in the form of Barn Owls, Lake Flies, Pipsqueaks and Shantymen.

At least now they can advertise every game as Earth vs. The Spiders: