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Melky Cabrera showed off his strength by hitting a homer that got stuck in a wall

When you play sports around the neighborhood as a kid, you have a lot of things to be worried about beyond playing the game well. What will you do if the ball rolls down the storm drain? Who's going to deal with the neighbor if you hit their house? Who is in charge of retrieving the ball if it gets stuck somewhere hard to reach?

Professional baseball players don't have these concerns -- at least not anymore -- but similar situations can still arise in MLB stadiums. Take, for example, Saturday afternoon's game between the Pirates and the Nationals. Pirates outfielder Melky Cabrera hit a home run ... and it got stuck in the wall in the Nationals' bullpen:

As a kid, a young Melky would probably have had to climb the fence to pry the ball out of the wall. But, these are the Major Leagues now, so all he has to do is round the bases and marvel at his impressive display of power that got a ball stuck in a wall.