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Melky Cabrera swung so hard he got knocked down, but he got up again

Batters don't get a ton of time to react to a pitch. In fact, they only have a fraction of a second to decide whether to swing or let the pitch go. Sometimes, that split-second window results in some awkward moments, such as the one faced by Melky Cabrera in the White Sox 3-1 win over the Red Sox on Monday, our latest example of tumbles around the Fenway Park batter's box
In the 10th inning, Cabrera was ahead in the count 1-0 when lefty Robbie Ross Jr. threw a high-and-in fastball. Because high fastballs can look quite tantalizing to batters, Cabrera swung -- hard -- but he basically got knocked down as a result of the effort: 

But worry not: The Melk Man got up again, in a nice homage to the wise English prophets of a few decades ago who celebrated the power of resilience and determination. No, this wild swing wouldn't be Cabrera's undoing. You're never going to keep him down …