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One night after he collected his 2,000th hit, the elements conspired against A.J. Pierzynski

There are only nine catchers with 2,000 career hits, with five of them in the Hall of Fame, and a sixth hoping to join them when Ivan Rodriguez makes the ballot next year. So when A.J. Pierzynski joined the second millenium club on Wednesday, it was a pretty stellar achievement. 
But life is about knocking you down and reminding you that, hey, you're not in charge here. Icarus tried to fly to the sun and his wings melted. I tried to win an eating contest and nearly choked. It happens. 
With the Fenway grass slick with rain on Thursday night, mother nature reasserted its dominance when Pierzynski tried to pick up this ball. It didn't end well for him. 

Don't worry, A.J. Those 2,000 hits will live on far longer than this GIF. Probably.