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After taking a foul ball off the arm, a young Mets fan got rewarded with a signed baseball

A young Mets fan was just minding his own business on Tuesday, watching his favorite team pick up a 12-1 win over the Marlins, when he got quite a scare -- a Jay Bruce grounder skipped up over the dugout and plunked him in the arm. 
Luckily, though, his courage would not go unrewarded. In recognition of his bravery in the face of the foul ball menace -- and of his dedication to remain in his seat and cheer on his heroes -- the Mets came together and gave him a gift. Not just any gift, though, the gift: a baseball signed by the entire dugout, plus a bat.

In the immortal words of Shane Falco: Pain heals, chicks dig signed memorabilia: