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One intrepid Mets fan poached a bouncing foul ball right out of Travis d'Arnaud's glove

They say that blood runs thicker than water. But during Wednesday's D-backs-Mets game, a New York fan was presented with a far more pressing philosophical conundrum: Are foul balls thicker than fandom? 
Allow us to set the scene: Arizona catcher Oscar Hernandez popped one up behind home plate. Travis d'Arnaud gave chase, but the ball drifted just past the first row of seats. It took a bounce off the concrete, and thanks to some heavy backspin it started heading back over the first row and toward the field of play ... right where d'Arnaud was still standing, and right where a Mets fan really, really wanted a souvenir.

Sorry, Travis, but while betraying your team is temporary, a foul ball lasts forever.